My latest love- Vintage Stamp glass cabochon pendants

When I was in art school I was such a painting purist. I eschewed all forms of 3-D expression and focused on my oils. That was sufficient for many years- then I went through a period of INTENSE artist’s/ writer’s block. I was also experiencing serious health issues caused by a thyroid tumor. I felt cadged and needed a change of expression and felt I needed to learn a new way to express myself. My sister-in-law suggested I make some earrings with her and the rest was history! I have been making jewelry off and on for more than ten years now and love the creative outlet it is! I also adore how it gives me a break from drawing and painting but is still creating something one of a kind and unique. I love making art that can be worn in the day to day world. Jewelry is a way to express your own style and brings happiness and a shot of color and texture to the daily grind.
I have come to love all things pendant. A necklace can be universal, worn with anything and does not need to be a certain size to fit. I especially love glass and metal. Last year I started making prints of my art to include in my pendants. Although this went over well I began to yearn to include repurposed/ vintage items in my pieces.
So much goes to waste that was once meant to be a thing of beauty, mark importance, pay a service. I began to comb flea markets, on-line sites, and neighborhood establishments. I came across the most lovely middle eastern woman who offered my some vintage stamps. She sent me my requested subject matter- birds.
Birds have always been a love affair of mine. My entire life has been spent admiring, caring for and discovering birds. My grandfather and I spend hours (that became years) bird watching. We would carefully note our observations in a bird watchers field guide. This same grandfather also spent his career working for the post office. I come from a family of many postal workers. Stamps have been a part of my life almost as long as birds. I found it to be destiny when I met my stamp collector lady.
When I received my shipment I was amazed at the selection of vintage stamps from all over the world. Particularly stunning where the North African and Arabic Stamps. I was in heaven. I was also struck at the shame that these beautiful little nuggets of history were being kept in a drawer and not being admired. Many of the countries whose stamps I received are no longer named as such or have been incorporated into larger, more modern entities. I knew immediately that this was my new pendant subject matter! I have been hard at work this week creating a series based off these stamps. Each glass cabochon has been coated with a UV protectant to insure a lifetime of beauty and to protect the antique stamps. Here are some shots of the first in this series. They are for sale on my ETSY site,

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