Tell me about your “Process”

My kids at work asked me a very interesting question today.
“What was my process when I create art?”
I have not been asked to think about this since art school and was intrigued- I have been thinking about this and am thinking that “process” is worth looking into! Please take my poll and tell me about your process! This counts for EVERYONE in the arts! Writer’s too- Thanks!

Photo Shows and Cute Babies! Happiness Overload!

I am so very excited to say that I have two photos that have been selected to go to the next round of judging! I entered them in a local Chicago garden show. Below are the two photos selected.

roots_1 coneflower_1

This will be my first show since my hiatus.

   I am also starting a new portrait tonight! I am IN LOVE with this subject- she is the MOST adorable baby!!!! I am trying a newer technique that I have been playing around with. The client really wants an oil painting but lives out of state and shipping a canvas would be cost prohibitive for them. I will be using oil colored pencils and applying the same mediums that I would use on paint to the pencil surface (sparingly!)  to blend and get a similar finish on paper! This dramatically cuts cost and makes for easier and safer shipping! Stay tuned for updates on the progress and process!